I walked into the first Influence Circle meeting extremely frustrated and borderline overwhelmed. One of our clients was unhappy, and despite our best efforts, my team and I didn’t know how to turn things around. I asked to be in the SparkSeat, and I cannot emphasize more how invaluable the feedback was. Everyone in the room was eager to offer advice – and many were ideas I would never have thought of on my own. I used what I learned that night to resolve the situation quickly and happily!

Influence Circle, Founding Member, Marketing Industry

I joined the Influence Circle because I was looking for a group of individuals to bounce ideas off of for my practice. I wanted to go beyond networking and learn from others about the practices which help them succeed.  What I got was so much more! I have really bonded with the members of the Influence Circle and love going to each meeting. There is so much knowledge in our group and a lifetime of experience to help and tackle those difficult issues we all deal with at work. Influence Circle, Founding Member, Medical Industry