Terms of Membership

You are applying to be considered for membership in the private group The Influence Circle, a product of Talmar It Up, LLC. This group has specific requirements both for entry and for conduct. Trust and ethical behavior is of the upmost consideration for the success of your company, other member’s companies and The Influence Circle community itself. The Non-Disclosure Agreement is binding and in the case of a conflict, The Influence Circle and Talmar It Up, LLC will fully back the concept originator.

The Membership fee is $1,800 a year. During the launch period, the first 50 members will be given Legacy Membership which is being offered at $1,500 right now. This amount is due upon acceptance into membership.

Fees can be paid:
Full Payment for the first year is offered at $1,500 to the first 50 applicants.

Your benefits will include:

  • Vetted trust based community of like-minded, motivated and successful business owners.
  • Exclusive access to the monthly in person events (REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for each event at least 3 days before event date!)

    • Dinner and drinks.
    • Influencer led workshop on business operations or management topic.
    • 4-5 Sparklight conversations giving you the opportunity to influence other leaders’ success through relevant and engaging conversation. This is safe and trusted space to have the hard talks!
    • Monthly opportunity to be selected for Sparklight to get direct feedback, insight and expert advice. These sessions are:
      • Recorded and given to member to allow for detailed reference AFTER the meeting allowing for continued inspiration and insight.
      • 2 minutes to present challenge/innovation/background with approximately 13 minutes of shared insight, potential solutions and options from the community!
      • Facilitated for focus, clarity and most potential feedback possibilities!
    • Private, relaxed environment to continue conversations and build lasting relationships with your peers.
  • Event summary newsletter for membership following each meeting
  • Access to the Member Calendar highlighting The Influence Circle events as well as member sponsored events for support and consideration!
  • Access to the Private Members Only Profile page to build your network
  • Exclusive offer to submit influential / thought leadership articles for publishing through The Influence Circle’s blog, Articles of Influence.
  • Legacy Members (the first 50 members) will be offered lifetime specialty pricing on annual memberships and all future events.

If at any time a member’s standing is changed or behavior is considered conflicting, including breach of the NDA, for the membership and / or the community, you will be expelled as a member. Under no circumstances is the annual membership fee refundable.

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