A Community of Like-Minded Business People

In December 2015, I began connecting the dots. While there are a lot of mastermind communities for small business owners – some completely relevant, some … not – there was definitely a hole in the market.

Successful small business owners did not have a place where they could talk candidly about specific situations and challenges they were facing to immediately receive insight and opinions from a larger group of experienced entrepreneurs.

In fact, I was hearing the same things over and over again.

“I want to connect with other successful small business owners.”

“I want to have quality, relevant conversations with others who get it.”

“I’m looking for a group where I can consistently build and strengthen connections with others in person.”

“I want a resource of trusted people who understand my perspective and can offer applicable insights that can positively impact my company.”

This is where a gaping hole in the market collided with my passion for helping business owners. The Influence Circle is THE place to find answers faster so you can purposefully move your business forward.

Let’s face it: Business is not innate, it’s learned. And learning about business when you’re around other successful people is a powerful driver.

Want to turbocharge your success? Now you can. Join us!

The Influence Circle is the brainchild of Talmar Anderson, of Talmar it Up, LLC, an operations and management consultancy. This mastermind inspired agenda celebrates successes, encourages diversity of potential solutions and readily influences members to grow more profitable, happier and to hit those goals faster.

The partnership with Katie Nelson, Sales UpRising, was the confluence of our mutual enthusiasm for business successes, the opportunity to utilize our differing networks as well as a drive to create a place where small businesses can come together for unhurried and relevant conversations to learn from each other.